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RHYOT, born as Garrett J. Finn, first began his musical career as a basement drummer in his hometown of Lebanon, NH, playing alternative rock music with his younger brother, electric guitarist, Danny Finn. Thorough the mid to late 2000s, his musical tastes broadened to include electronic music from the stylings of ATB, The Prodigy, Tïesto, and the newly-budding deadmau5, though, electronica in rural New Hampshire wasn't common to come across. What began as simple experimentation with a modest $100 DJ controller continued to entirely redirect his future.

During his undergraduate studies at the University of New Hampshire, Finn spent many weekend nights in the booth of the college radio station, learning from the DJ that was a sort of hometown hero to the small but growing electronic music community within the student populace. Transitioning a few months of behind-closed-doors practice to his first live set in a tightly-packed fraternity house, the hook was set. After a handful of successful events to follow, Finn took on the Rhyot moniker and began shaping his identity as a performer with great appreciation for technical quality and musical taste. Though his second and third years in school, his work had gained some notoriety both with partygoers and with the local police, who weren't so fond of the gatherings which had a level of volume surpassed only by attendance. The name Rhyot had gotten out and around socially, trials of merchandising had been sold at-cost to supporters, and a some valuable connections were made. After joining forces with an aspiring lighting tech, Cody Balin, of The Party People, that point forward paired high-quality live sound and impressive visual displays with the high energy electronic music that was beginning to dominate the nightlife as "EDM" grew in popularity.

Rhyot established a sturdy fanbase of loyal friends and followers, and was dubbed "UNH's DJ" by local news publication, The New Hampshire. Also known as the "RhyotSquad," these closely knit supporters consistently frequented many diverse events ranging from wild house parties to university sponsored events, all the way up to a fully-featured concert at the Whittemore Center Arena. After being approached by NV Concepts to provide local support for a fundraising show in the wake of the Boston Marathon attack, Rhyot elected to perform a for-charity tag-team set alongside his close friend Curtis "Lushous" Lush, sharing the stage with DSK CHK, Kap Slap, Tommie Sunshine, and Grammy-nominated producer, Morgan Page. During the same time period, he and Lushous officially launched their collaboration project under the name 'EhMF,' though unfortunately, their working together was limited. (Maybe Lushous shouldn't have lived all the way off in Ontario, eh?)

After graduating in May of 2013, Finn remained on the seacoast of New Hampshire, but greatly shifted his attention to his early form of a home studio, learning a foundation in music production. In mid 2014, Finn relocated to South Florida in search of a more suitable environment for his pursuits. Through the end of 2015, he had worked for five different nightclubs, mostly in operations rather than in music, in positions ranging from Street Promotions to VIP Management, with a few gigs and a brief DJ residency in between. 

In December of 2015, professional acquaintance and world-reknowned didgeridoo sound therapist, Joseph Carringer, asked Finn to stand in and perform for a gig with his Electronic-Fusion project, Table Syndicate. Finn joined Carringer at Disney's Epcot, in Kissimmee, Florida, combining live-composed electronic music through the cutting-edge Reactable Live platform with the ancestral sounds of didgeridoo accompaniment. Finn went on to collaborate and songwrite, produce, and remix with Table Syndicate for a large portion of 2016, then based in Pittsburgh, PA. Table Syndicate's official remix of UK-based artist Sheila Gordhan's "Smile" rode alongside remixes by other artists including Roger Sanchez and Chris Cox to a peak position of #1 on Billboard's Dance Club Songs chart. Other Billboard associations included an official bootleg of Empire of the Sun's platinum record, "Walking On A Dream", which also peaked at #1 on Dance Club Songs, two remixes of Philip George & Dragonette's "Feel This Way" which peaked at #5 on the same chart, and an official remix of Michelle Obama and Dianne Warren's "This Is For My Girls", performed by Kelly Clarkson, Chloe and Halle, Missy Elliott, Jadagrace, Lea Michele, Janelle Monáe, Kelly Rowland, and Zendaya, which peaked at #1 on Billboard's Twitter Trending Chart, and at #5 on the Dance Club Songs chart. The Table Syndicate original EP Jivana released on JHP Studios in December of 2016, contained also in the later-arriving LP Game of Life.

Through the winter and into 2017, Finn returned to his original production in Florida, filling a pipeline of demos and unreleased music trickling music for the first time to a few select labels and artists in the industry. In December of 2017, Finn's "Army of the Dead", a Game of Thrones inspired techno single, was featured on deadmau5's live stream "mau5trap Mondays" and then posted to social media with a collection of other high-calibre music submitted by various artists from around the globe. A video of the stream segment as seen on Rhyot's YouTube channel has generated over 15,000 views since the event. 

Entering 2018, Finn founded and launched Emercive Recordings, a not-for-profit electronic music record label designed with the vision of creating a highly-supportive home for rising artists in the industry, breaking industry norms by allowing artists to retain maximum shares of record sales and ownership of their music - a label truly for artists, by artists. Emercive is set to release its debut compilation, "Converge Vol. 1"  worldwide on all major digital marketplaces and streaming platforms this spring.

For more information about Emercive, visit www.emercive.com.



Notable artists performed alongside:

Morgan Page

Pierce Fulton

Tommie Sunshine

Kap Slap



Proxxy & Lantern

Rhyot (Right) and Lushous (Left) opening NV Concepts' Wild On: UNH at the Whittemore Center Arena at the University of New Hampshire


Photo Credit: Lee Le, 2017; Mia Donna Maneer, 2016; Brice Maloney, 2013; 


Events: Photo #2 - Quantum presented by Centrifuge Thursdays & 2Step Tuesdays, 2017, Pittsburgh, PA;

Photo #3 - Wild On: UNH, presented by NV Concepts, 2013, Durham, NH


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